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The Why

Why does Hogarth Malt exist…. a question we asked ourselves over and over again during the huge decision it was to get a craft malt house in our lives.

Simply put, when you have passion for an industry and an overwhelming drive to be self employed in it, it normally makes sense to put them together and open those doors. As simple as that sounds it is not so simple to open a malt house, when you are essentially designing systems, proving methods and pushing boundaries to come into an industry dominated by huge corporations it seems daunting. But as this concept grew into what it is today, the plans and ideas we’ve got for the craft beer scene are soo incredibly exciting we just want to shout them to anyone who will listen!

As we’ve said before, we want to start a revolution in the Western Canadian beer scene! Bringing some uniquely artisan malts to market. We will leave it at that and let you decide as we unveil our business model in the coming months!

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