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Hogarth Malt…..The Beginning of a Revolution

Here we are, Hogarth Malt, sitting in the East Central region of Alberta, Canada (im)patiently waiting the planting, growth and harvest of 2016 malt barley crops.  Realistically though, we have a lot to do before we get to actually malt.

We are forging a new, yet ironically very old, path.  As craft maltsters, we will be taking century old tradition and techniques and bringing them to life in Western Canada, where mostly new technology and massive quantity has quashed the ability to malt this way.  But when you take the quantity down a few hundred/thousand tonnes, it really gives you the ability to put your heart and soul into each batch, just the way the craft brewer thinks about each of their brews.

So stand by, and wait with us, while this dream becomes a reality!  We can’t wait to start showcasing what a truly craft malt can do for craft beer!

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