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Small Batch. Floor Malted. Local. Artisan.

When you can buy mass produced pale malts for your brews that are consistent and still locally grown in the Canadian Prairies why would you ever consider switching to the small guys?

That is where the small maltsters have their place, we are here to help you create that unique flavor profile in your beers that you can’t get anywhere else. There are always new hops coming available to change up those tastes, but why not look at your main ingredient, that is coming from the same supplier that all the competition is purchasing from as well. The beautiful thing is that with every craft malting facility producing different malts with the characters of their individual process ingrained in them, the recipe possibilities will be endless for brewers!

Small batch malting will allow us to be constantly testing various cereals with different malting processes to determine the best results for brewing. Letting the creative and wild ideas flow!

Floor malting is the actual process used for germination. This is where we are kickin’ it old school and following in the (very tired) footsteps of some of the most successful specialty malt producers of the world. This method involves manually turning each batch of malt three times a day for the span of it’s germination which is typically at least three days. So if there wasn’t already enough manual labor involved, we just decided to add more (gotta work off those beers somehow!).  We believe in this process because it adds a different character to the malt, they say each malt house’s character comes from their germination floors. European floor malts are so unique and amazing, it is our goal to be producing Canada’s version right here in Alberta.

Local means just that. We are Alberta born and raised, we love the prairies, the mountains, the people, the culture and all things Alberta! Not to mention that we also grow some of the best grains in the world right here. We are uniting farmers with brewers, and are excited to tell those stories about these fantastic Alberta farmers and brewers (don’t worry BC and SK brewers we love you guys too!)

ar·ti·san  ˈärdəzən/noun  –  made in a traditional or non-mechanized way using high-quality ingredients.
So many things about this we love. Tradition. High Quality. So we are artisans of malting you may say. Taking pride in every aspect of the creation of those tiny little grains that will become delicious brews!

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