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I think everyone can look back at decisions made or circumstances that have led them to where they are today and say, ‘that was meant to be’. Well today, we are going to share a little bit of how a very big decision with a lot of pieces to come together just happened to fall in place.

Well maybe I should tell you what that decision is…..are you ready for it?

Hogarth Malt will be opening in Olds, Alberta.

As many of you know, we frequent that area on occasion (a lot less since hauling THREE kids around isn’t quite a bucket full of joy). For those that are new to us, both of our immediate families reside in Olds, and I (Alex) grew up there, so we have a bit of fondness towards the area. Now as most business owners, especially those with kids know, it really does take a village, so to have that village close was really important to us. I know we could have asked and they would come, but the convenience for both parties was lacking, so it was time to bring it together. And a side benefit is that our kids will grow up having more of those special memories they get to make with their grandparents!


It is no denying that Olds is a great location, central to so many points in the province. No longer will it be a huge deal to head to Calgary (a 5 hour drive!) and Edmonton is the same distance from Olds as it is from Wainwright. Not to mention that there happens to be an actual brewery right in Olds, and many others within a 100 km radius! So last minute deliveries won’t be so daunting, and the visits to and from our friendly Alberta brewers will likely be much more numerous!

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This was just more of a coincendence, but honestly we got the ‘why mountains?’ from a few folks around Wainwright when we had our logo designed. To most people the mountains are a nice scenic visit once in awhile so it didn’t fit for them. Truthfully, having grown up so close to the mountains I just know them as  as a huge part of Alberta, so I wanted the logo to signify Alberta, from prairies to peaks. Aaron was also on the fence about it, but the logo turned out great and it grew on him, so when the decision was made to move, I was the first to to point out how appropriate the logo now is! See…..fate is always at work (and your wife is often right)!

There are a few pieces left but it will come together as it should, there will be hiccups and road blocks along the way but isn’t that what business is all about anyways!

We are looking forward to putting down our own little roots back in central Alberta, and the relationships that will come along with it.

Follow us as we plan, build and open Hogarth Malt in Olds, AB!




Here we are, Hogarth Malt, sitting in the East Central region of Alberta, Canada (im)patiently waiting the planting, growth and harvest of 2016 malt barley crops.  Realistically though, we have a lot to do before we get to actually malt.

We are forging a new, yet ironically very old, path.  As craft maltsters, we will be taking century old tradition and techniques and bringing them to life in Western Canada, where mostly new technology and massive quantity has quashed the ability to malt this way.  But when you take the quantity down a few hundred/thousand tonnes, it really gives you the ability to put your heart and soul into each batch, just the way the craft brewer thinks about each of their brews.

So stand by, and wait with us, while this dream becomes a reality!  We can’t wait to start showcasing what a truly craft malt can do for craft beer!

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