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Hogarth Malt started out from Aaron’s passion as a brewer.  His desire for producing the highest quality beer with the best ingredients available spurred the idea of craft malting.  Craft Malt was pretty much non-existent, with malting having been run by a handful of mass producers there really was no ‘craft’ malting, or at least nothing notable at the time.  Having been approached by many local Barley Producers wanting to market grain directly to breweries was what linked his passion for brewing with this new idea.  A sense of community, traceability (Where the malt comes from) and desire to have local high quality malts not made anywhere else, is what brewers are looking for. As with micro-breweries, there are numerous micro-maltsters coming onto the scene, it is an exciting time for the whole brewing and distilling industry. Old school revolution is the vision and we can’t wait to see it take hold!

We will have local producers growing a variety of cereals that will appeal to the craft brewer.  As well as working closely with the farmers, we want to really get to know our customers, the breweries and their brewers, and work with them to produce a malt that is ideal for their specific needs and vision.

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