We’ve given our business our name because it’s more than what we do, it’s who we are.
We elevate raw materials at, you guessed it, a granular level, to better serve the brewer and beer enthusiast communities at large.
We’re a business borne of our deep respect for farming and brewing. Though we do neither directly, we’re inspired by the best practices of both––opting for traditional methods instead of cutting corners with machinery to preserve the integrity of both our product and our local economy.
We believe local, craft beer deserves locally crafted malts.


Hogarth Malt believes that we all have a part to play in sustainability. Making small steps forward towards a happier, healthier population and planet is our goal. Every decision made at Hogarth Malt considers people, planet and profit. This framework allows us to look at the pros and cons of everyday decisions and determine the impact, both positive or negative. If we are doing good for the folks we employee, serve or impact in any way; how the decision may affect the environment around us today, but most importantly into the future, and the commonly misinterpreted, profit, how will the decision change or affect our economic impact, paying taxes, contributing to community initiatives, etc.

We believe the system needs to change, and that small business can be a catalyst for change. You will never hear us state that we are 'sustainable' because by definition that implies that no inputs are required to continue moving forward, and we most definitely cannot make malt without inputs. What we do know is that there are options between things/processes that are more sustainable than others, and we will always go back to our people, planet and profit decision making to ensure the choices are moving us towards a more sustainable way of life.

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Family owned and run

We’ve given our business our name because it’s more than what we do, it’s who we are.

Aaron Hogarth

Straight out of the brewing industry Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge, of both malting and brewing. As a home brewer turned professional, Aaron understands what a craft brewery is looking for in their malts. With a need for perfecting what isn’t quite right, Aaron will be exactly what is needed to create an uncompromising, quality artisan malt.
During his time as brewmaster, Ribstone Creek in Edgerton, AB won numerous awards for their beer. In 2015 Ribstone won a silver at the Canadian Brewing Awards for Old Man Winter Porter, a huge win for their small brewery.
Aaron’s goal is to continue to play a big part in the brewing world by providing the highest quality malts as well as creating new and exciting ingredients not normally available locally.

Alex Hogarth

Alex may not brew beer but for as long as she has known Aaron, she has been a part of his brewing. From bottling homebrew in their kitchen to helping can or keg the commercial batches, she has been there.
Determined (as she likes to say) or stubborn (as Aaron would call her), Alex is no stranger to hard work. She handles office admin and social media for the malt house, while also helping with the malting itself. All this while managing a full-time position with Alberta Health Services, and butler/chauffer to the mini-maltsters.

Her favorite beers are sours and NEPAs, and loves to hit up breweries everywhere they go.

The Minis

Also known as the maltsters-in-training, this enthusiastic trio does require some additional effort on the part of Human Resources, but Alex and Aaron wouldn’t have it any other way.

They are the eager crew to ensure events run smoothly and all guests are well taken care of. They rep Hogarth Malt merch whenever they can get their hands on it, even if they already have two of the same beanies......

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